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Whenever people find out that I’m going to North Africa in a couple of weeks, they get a concerned look on their faces and say, “Be careful!” or, “Isn’t that dangerous?” The pat answer I’ve perfected is, “I’m safest when I’m in the middle of God’s will.”

Safety is such a pervasive concern in our society. Sometimes, I think safety comes before doing the will of our Father. Instead, I would rather be about my Father’s business, and let Him take care of my safety. I’m obviously not going to be running around doing dangerous and foolish things, but I’m not going to huddle in my house in fear, either.

Many people entered Home Depot in Joplin, Missouri last Sunday night, and lost their lives when a F5 tornado hit the town. When a husband told his wife that Sunday, “I’m running to Home Depot.” was her first impulse to cry out, “Isn’t that dangerous?” Probably not.

My point is that we don’t know when, or where, our last breath will leave our bodies. When it happens, I pray that I will be working for the Lord.


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