…which end will you lift on?


This has been a wild month.  Two and a half weeks ago, my roommate and I moved into our new apartment (on a Monday – blech!).   Two days ago, we had finals to close out our first one-month school session.  But, in spite of all the craziness, I feel like life has settled into a rhythm.

The picture of this sunrise (Yes, sunrise! Me!) just doesn’t do it justice.  It was worth stopping my morning preparations to step outside our front door and witness.  This sunrise was a lovely gift from God to remind me of His presence throughout the day.

Although our apartment complex is peaceful and safe, this photo doesn’t show what is happening outside the security gate of our complex.  See, we have chosen to live in an area of Dallas – you can read more about it here – where over 40,000 people live in less than 3 square miles.  For the most part, the population of our area consists of refugees and immigrants from various countries around the world.

Why do we choose to live in this place?  Our classmates ask us:  Why do you live so far from school (especially when gas is so costly)?  Well, my roommate and I desire to give feet to our faith and live life among “the least of these.”  We feel that, since we are training to go minister to people in a cross-cultural setting, we shouldn’t wait until we’re on the field to do just that.

So, I can’t wait to get to know our Burmese, African, Cuban, Latin American, etc. neighbors and start showing them Christ’s love.

In case you’d like to drop me a note, send a care package, or maybe even send a tax-deductible donation (made out to Pioneer Bible Translators, please!), my new address is:

Melinda Velasquez

6050 Ridgecrest #308

Dallas, TX  75231


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2 thoughts on “HOME

  1. Melinda
    I have followed from afar. Asia.
    Thanks fir paying the price
    You are blessed
    We are blessed by hearing the story.
    Love and blessings

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