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In my last post I was wondering aloud about ministry opportunities here in Dallas.  If you get my newsletter, you also saw a prayer request for God to show me some ministry that I can get involved in during my year here.  (If you don’t get my newsletter, ask, and I’ll put you on the list!)  I also have been praying about finding the right church home here in Dallas.

My newsletter went out on a Saturday.  The next Sunday, I was inundated with ministry opportunities!  Our prayers were answered, friends!  My Cuban neighbors approached me to teach them English, I was given the opportunity to work with children in the African church I’ve been attending on Sunday evenings, and I am exploring an opportunity to teach literacy also.  Tomorrow, I’m going to start meeting with a young woman from the country where I will live for Bible study and prayer.  Why wait to move to Africa to build relationships, to help people and to teach literacy, right?

As far as finding a church home goes, the pastor’s wife of the Hispanic church that meets upstairs from the African church (multicultural church – I love it!) sought me out last Sunday night to invite me to their Sunday morning services.  She also asked me if I sing or play an instrument!  Hmmm….

This morning I went to the Hispanic church and was greeted warmly.  Turns out I’ll be talking to the teen Sunday school class in a couple of weeks, and my guess is that I’ll end up helping to teach that class.

Tonight, I went to the African church for my maiden voyage into helping the kids.  (That adventure will have to be its own blog post!)  Before church I was talking to the pastor, and he was expressing his gratitude for my willingness to help.  I told him that I had been praying for ministry opportunities and that God had pointed me to the kids in this congregation.  He said, “I love you for that!  I wish everyone would ask God for ministry opportunities!”

So, friends, what about you?  Have you asked God to show you how you can serve His people where you are?  Or maybe He has something special for you in another country!  Ask Him to show you what it is!


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